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Sash Windows and Casement Windows FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together this list of FAQ’s based on questions we have been frequently asked by our clients. If you have a question you have isn’t on this list, then give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer it!

“I have rattily old sash windows. The wind howls in through them and they look to me like they are rotten.”

  • Our team can repair your existing windows or if any parts are beyond repair we can replace them with exact replicas of the original part.
  • We will draught-proof your window using a high-performance draught-proofing system so that they will be energy efficient and comfortable to live with.
  • In addition, we will replace your sash cords and ensure that your windows are correctly balanced.

“What is a perimeter sealing system – simply?”

  • A perimeter sealing system is a method of draughtproofing your existing windows without altering their appearance.
  • The system involves fitting a new parting bead in place of the original bead. This new parting bead carries a weatherfin brush pile which effectively seals the window against draughts whilst also improving its sliding action.

“My windows have been stuck for years. I can’t imagine that they could ever be made to work”

  • The installation of a perimeter sealing system ensures that the sashes will slide up and down very easily, even if your windows have been stuck for years.

“I have aluminium windows in my Victorian house, they really spoil the appearance of the house. Is it possible to put back wooden sash windows?”

  • Yes, it is possible. We can put back faithful copies of the original windows. In fact, most of the new sash windows we fit are so good that it is difficult to tell that they are not original. They certainly will not look like modern copies.
  • All the new sash windows we fit have a high-performance perimeter sealing system installed so that they will perform to modern standards.

“I would love to build a traditional period sunroom but I want it to blend in with the existing house. How can I achieve this?”

  • Usually, when people want to achieve this they get most elements right but one or two elements wrong. In our view it is essential that every element is correct; brickwork, slates, granite cills, cast iron gutters and downpipes, windows and doors.
  • We can ensure that the windows, French doors, architraves, and shutters are all exact replicas of those in the existing house.

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