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About Us


About Bolger Sash Windows

History of Bolger Sash Windows

For more than 120 years the Bolger name has been synonymous with the very highest standards in sash window refurbishment and period joinery.


During most of the 20th century, W. & J. Bolger Ltd., was held in the highest regard as one of Ireland’s finest building contractors. In particular, we were renowned for the very high quality of our joinery.


Perhaps the most impressive example of W. & J. Bolger’s work can be found at Dublin Castle where we rebuilt The State Apartments and Cross Block during the 1960s.

About Bolger Sash Windows Today

Today, as Bolger Sash Windows, we carry on this proud tradition of exceptional joinery.


So, whether you are looking for to restore your sash or casement windows, install bespoke, custom-made windows, or want to upgrade your existing windows to double glazing then talk to us.


If you want the finest quality windows and doors for your period home, new build or dream extension, then Bolger Sash windows can offer you the appropriate solution.


What Our Customers Say