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Casement Window Restoration


Restoring Your Casement Windows For Over 30 Years

At Bolger Sash Windows, we believe in conservation joinery and we have been doing casement window restoration for over 30 years. We can fully restore your existing casement windows making every effort to copy the original details.

Period casement windows can be repaired and restored more easily than modern windows

Modern windows are designed where the entire window unit needs to be replaced. Period windows were constructed in pieces. This means that each piece can be restored, repaired or replaced. In addition, casement window restoration is much more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly than replacing entire window units after shorter period of times.

Casement window restoration is more environmentally friendly than replacing them with modern windows

  • Modern windows only have a shorter lifespan of only 15-30 years
  • We use Accoya wood, which is guaranteed against rot for 50 years
  • Accoya is a timber that isn’t rare or endangered
  • Timber wood windows are well-known for their longevity in comparison to uPVC windows

Casement window restoration is also more cost-efficient

  • They don’t have as short a lifespan as modern windows
  • When one part of the window gets damaged, the entire window unit doesn’t need to be replaced
  • Casement windows can last indefinitely if they are properly maintained and receive care when needed
  • If they are repaired when they require work, then they can last indefinitely.
  • A restored casement window can be as thermally efficient as a modern window
  • Installing double glazing enhances the energy efficiency of the window and helps reduce the cost of energy


If you compare casement window restoration against many mass-produced modern windows, well, there really is no comparison!


We are also strong believers in the importance of conservation joinery. So if you are thinking of restoring your 18th and 19th-century casement windows, then talk to us first.


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