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Sash Windows Painting Service


Our Painting Service

We offer a sash windows painting service to all of our clients. In order to maintain the superior draught-proof properties of your Perimeter Sealing System, great care should be taken when painting sash windows over time. The brush system should not be damaged by paint.


Please ensure that your painter familiarises themselves with the correct procedure for painting sash windows with a draught-proofing system fitted, ensuring the protection.

Why sash window painting should be done by an expert painter

If the draughtproofing brush pile becomes damaged by paint this will result in an increase in draughts and an increase in outside noise. It can also result in the windows becoming stuck and in some cases will result in the brush pile becoming detached.


To avoid the risk of having your draughtproofing system damaged by painters who do not fully understand the system please contact us. We can recommend a painting contractor whose crews have been fully trained in how to remove and re-fit the brush pile, thereby protecting the system.


Please contact us if you have any other questions.


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