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Other Services


Other Period Joinery Services

In addition to period window restoration and creating bespoke windows, we also offer the following period joinery services to our clients:


  • Window Painting Services
  • Doors
  • Sunrooms and Conservatories


We understand that period joinery extends further then just beautiful windows.  The shutters, architraves and doors are an integral part of the character of your period home.  We also understand that painting them properly is extremely important in both how they look, their effectiveness and their preservation.


At Bolger Sash Windows we can exactly replicate original shutters, architraves, doors and more. Or, if none exist, we can design the most beautiful surrounds that will perfectly complement your property. Once completed, we will then paint them to our high standard.


However, please note that we don’t offer these as standalone services. They are only offered to our clients who have hired Bolger Sash Windows to restore their sash or casement windows or to create new, bespoke windows.



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