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Casement Windows Glazing


Casement Windows – Double Or Triple Glazing?

Upgrading your casement windows to double or triple glazing


We offer a wide range of glazing options to our casement window clients.


We now offer BENGglas to our clients. BENGglas comfortably outperforms triple-glazed windows in terms of energy efficiency, comfort and soundproofing. It provides the best insulation out of any tempered vacuum glass in the world and is so thin that it looks like single-glazing.  It has a minimum life expectancy of 25 years and a 15-year warranty.


Due to BENGglas being extremely thin, without compromising on insulation or sound, it makes it ideal for use in both new and restored casement windows.  As the glass can often be replaced in older casement windows without having to also replace the frame, making it perfect when restoring casement windows.


Another option we have is Pilkington Optitherm double-glazing which will reduce the heat loss through the glass by approximately 65% when compared with single glazing.


So if you are looking to replace the glass in your current casement windows, want to insulate your period house by upgrading the glass in your casement windows, or are looking for new casement windows that will reduce your energy costs, then give us a call.


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