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Environmentally Friendly Window Restoration


Environmentally-Friendly Windows and Doors

Climate change is one of the most critical challenges of our time. Both individually, and as companies operating in a commercial arena, we have a collective responsibility to assess what can be done to minimise our impact on the environment.


With our market-leading sash and casement window restoration service, Bolger Sash Windows is committed to sustainable solutions in upgrading traditional and period properties, and to reducing the impact of new windows and doors.


How Window and Door Restoration is Better for the Environment

Sash window, casement window and door restoration is better for the environment because:


  • The traditional appearance of a property can be conserved
  • Existing materials are re-utilised wherever possible
  • Minimum waste is sent to landfill
  • The energy involved in producing a replacement is up to 40 times that of renovation


Our Environmental Impact on New Windows and Doors

However we also understand that not all windows and doors can be restored due to damage and need to be replaced. By replacing damaged windows and doors with high-quality replacements, it can make a home more sustainable and energy-efficient.


To try to reduce the effect that this will have on the environment, we use Accoya® wood. Accoya® is guaranteed to be as durable, or more durable, than any tropical hardwood. It is, in fact, a softwood from managed, sustainable sources. We use Accoya as we want to do our bit to fight climate change and to prevent our part is deforestation.


Glass Innovation to Reduce Heat Loss

We also work in partnership with BENGglas, and provide it as an option to almost all of our clients. BENGglas is a new development in tempered vacuum glass, which makes it more energy efficient than traditional triple-glazing!


It is ultra-thin, so it can be used in sash and casement window restoration. It can also be used in both new windows and doors to make homes more comfortable and energy efficient.


If you’d like to learn more, then contact us at Bolger Windows


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