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New Bespoke Casement Windows


New Bespoke Casement Windows Complementing Original Features.

We know that despite best efforts, period casement windows in some houses need to be replaced. This could be because they weren’t properly maintained after they were first installed in a period property.


Sometimes it can be because the original windows were removed in a renovation that happened a long time ago, before the importance of conservation joinery became known, and the windows that were installed are old. Other times, it’s for a new house where the owner wants beautiful windows to complement the design and features of their new home.


At Bolger Sash Windows, we manufacture beautiful, new, bespoke casement windows that will perfectly match your house, whether new or old. And if you have a period house, we can create windows that look like they are original to your home.


Each and every one of our bespoke timber casement windows are handmade using Accoya wood, which has a class 1 durability. Class 1 means the wood is the most durable of all types of hardwood and will last the longest. Accoya wood is guaranteed against rot for 50 years. It is also 30% more thermally efficient than other commonly used hardwoods.


We can also offer a range of glazing, from hand-drawn glass which is made using the same traditional method of making glass from 100 years ago, to double-glazing and BENGglas.

This means that our bespoke casement windows are thermally efficient and will help to reduce heating costs. They are also more environmentally friendly over the long term than many other new windows that are available.

The St. Helen’s Suite

Not all new wood casement windows have to look the same. They don’t all have to be featureless and functional like the generic windows that have become so commonplace in Ireland.


Introducing The St. Helen’s range of traditional casement windows and surrounds.


Inspired by classic casement windows from the early 20th Century our “St. Helen’s” windows and surrounds will add a wonderful touch of class to your project, and with BENGglas fitted, they will outperform triple glazing.


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