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Casement Windows

What Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows were first introduced during Georgian times in the 18th century and were made with metal. This was replaced by wood in the Victorian era in the mid-19th century. As glass became easier to produce, casement windows developed from having multiple small panes of glass to six larger panes of glass in them. They then evolved further as glass manufacturing improved to having two panes of glass.


Nowadays, casement windows are possibly the most popular window for modern homes. They are airtight, safe, and can greatly enhance the energy performance of your house.


Like sash windows, casement windows in period houses can also be restored and refurbished.


At Bolger Sash Windows, we can restore your old casement windows to a high standard, install double glazing in period windows, or create new casement windows that look like they were fitted when your house was built.


We strongly believe in conservation joinery when it comes to sash and casement windows. Old timber windows can easily fall into disrepair if they are neglected or aren’t maintained properly. The refurbishment and restoration of casement windows means it retains their importance and the skill that went into the creation of these beautiful windows in the first place.


And did you know that restoring and refurbishing casement windows is better for the environment and more cost-efficient than replacing them? Some of the reasons include:

  • There isn’t a need for new wood
  • We use a timber that isn’t in danger
  • We can upgrade the glass to provide a more thermally efficient restored window
  • A restored casement window can provide as much insulation as a new window
  • Modern windows need replacing within 15-30 years
  • Our casement windows are handmade with Accoya wood which is guaranteed to last for 50 years.


Despite our belief in conservation joinery, we do know that, unfortunately, some period casement windows can be past repair and new ones will be required. We can create new, bespoke casement windows that will fully complement your period house and look like they were installed when your home was built.

The St. Helen’s Suite

Not all new wood casement windows have to look the same. They don’t all have to be featureless and functional like the generic windows that have become so commonplace in Ireland.


Introducing The St. Helen’s range of traditional casement windows and surrounds.


Inspired by classic casement windows from the early 20th Century our “St. Helen’s” windows and surrounds will add a wonderful touch of class to your project, and with BENGglas vacuum double glazing fitted they will be more energy efficient than triple glazing.

Casement Restoration

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New Casement Windows

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Casement Double-Glazing

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