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Sash Windows Double Glazing


Everything You Need To Know About Double Glazed Sash Windows

Common problems

Most if not all double glazed sashes suffer from some or all of the following problems:


  • Glazing bars are made much too wide in order to hide the double glazed unit edge seals
  • Glazing bars do not have the correct moulding detail Glazing bars are stuck on to the glass
  • Meeting rail splay or rebate is pinned on
  • External glazing bones are stuck on to the glass
  • Glazing beads used instead of putty
  • Mock external putty line stuck on to glass


The above design details result in a poorly made and visually unacceptable sash window.

The difference with Bolger Sash Windows

Bolger Sash Windows double glazed sash windows are very different:


  • Glazing bars are exact match of original bars
  • Sashes are correctly made – glazing bars are not stuck on
  • External glazing bones are not stuck on. They are housed into the sash in a lattice frame
  • Sashes are putty glazed on the outside


The result is that Bolger Sash Windows double-glazed sashes are by far the best-made, which makes them the most authentic, glazed sashes available.


We offer a wide range of glazing options including Pilkington Optitherm double-glazing which will reduce the heat loss through the glass by approximately 65% when compared with single glazing.


And if you choose BENGglas vacuum glass, your windows will outperform triple-glazed windows in terms of energy efficiency, comfort and soundproofing.


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