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Bolger Sash Windows

Over four generations, the Bolger family have been manufacturing sash windows and casement windows in Ireland for more than 120 years. Our craftsmen today remain true to the design specifications of traditional sash windows, casement windows, period joinery and conservation joinery, whilst continually enhancing our sash windows and casement windows and improving their energy performance.


We have also specialised in the restoration of existing sash windows and casement windows for more than thirty years. When restoring sash windows and casement windows, we make every effort to exactly copy the original details of the windows we are restoring. In fact, we have restored period windows that our family originally installed over 70 years ago!


In addition to restoring period windows, we also make new, bespoke sash windows and casement windows and internal doors. Each of our new windows and doors are handmade, using the same traditional methods our family has used since the 1890’s. These sash and casement windows and doors are made with Accoya wood. As it has a Class 1 durability it means they are guaranteed against rot for 50 years.


Whether you are looking to restore your existing sash windows, fit the most beautiful new casement windows, refurbish your internal period doors or want to upgrade to the best insulating glass in the world with BENGglas vacuum double glazing, Bolger Sash Windows can look after all of your window and joinery needs.

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