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New and Restored Sash Windows – Sligo

We repaired some of the existing sash windows in this house in Sligo, and we replaced others that were past the point of being restored with new, bespoke sash windows. However try as we might, some of the residents were determined to photo bomb every one of our photos, but we didn’t mind and we think they’re two of our handsomest clients!

New Bespoke Casement Windows – Mount Merrion


This great building was a former stables in Mount Merrion which, after being derelict for many years, was converted into multiple, high-class apartments.


As part of the restoration of this magnificent building, we were asked to make new, bespoke casement windows with brass fittings and 3-point locks, draftproofing and Pilkington double-glazed glass.


With older buildings like this, the windows have to be made to very specific specifications to fit the original window openings. After a conversation with the owner, we agreed on 4 panes to create the best balance and a nice proportion!


Bay Sash Window – Ballsbridge


The windows in this beautiful, period, red brick house needed a little love! The sash windows themselves needed to be replaced entirely but the the frames could be retained.


We made new sash windows using Accoya wood, Pilkington double-glazed glass and new brass fittings. In addition we made some needed repairs to the window frames, which we had also stripped. Once all this was completed and then windows were installed, we hand-painted the windows and the frames to finish the job!


Photograph of the restaurant in Fern House Avoca Handweavers featuring beautiful bespoke panelled sash windows.

New Sash Windows – Avoca


You may recognise these windows if you have ever dined in Avoca in Kilmacanogue!


These bespoke sash windows are so big that they can be opened up and people can stroll out to view their beautiful grounds.


We used single-glazed glass because if we had used double-glazed, the sash windows would have been too heavy to lift. The windows also had to have sash chains rather then cord due to the weight.


These are some of the biggest sash windows we have ever made, and as part of this job, we learnt that there is a limit to how big you can make sash windows…and these are the limit!


New sash windows – Benincasa, Blackrock

This is Benincasa School on Mount Merrion Avenue, Blackrock, where we stripped and restored the sash window frames.

We then made bespoke, new double-glazed sashes which we then installed in the repaired frames.

Once the new sashes were installed, we painted both the frames and windows.

You can read more about our new sash windows

New Casement Windows – Terenure


Our client wanted to replace their old windows, but wanted new ones that would keep the period character of their home.


We retained the existing frames and created new casement windows using Accoya wood, with Pilkington double-glazed glass, and multi-point locks and brass fittings.


Accoya wood is always an excellent choice for new windows as it is sustainable and has a 50 year guarantee against rot – meaning the windows will still be in good condition for future owners!


New Sash Windows and Doors – Lyons Estate

These photos are very old and are digital scans of physical photos – but we are still very proud of this job so thought it was worth sharing!


This is the Lyons Estate which was owned by Tony Ryan at the time and back when we were called WJ Bolger! We installed new sash windows throughout the entire estate. We also installed the doors and fan windows above the doors in the Orangery


New Sash and Casement Windows – Mount Merrion


This charming cottage in Mount Merrion had original wooden casement frames and single-glazed sashes throughout.


The owner wanted to improve the energy efficiency of their home without altering the beautiful appearance. They asked us to create new casement windows at the front and new sash windows at the back to enhance the charm of their beautiful home, and we were delighted to be asked to make them!


We made both the new sash and casement windows using Accoya, which is a sustainable wood and is guaranteed against rot for 50 years. We also used double-glazed, Pilkington glass, and we finished the windows with new brass fittings.


New Sash Windows – Dublin 8


Our client had aluminium windows in their home in Dublin 8 and wanted to replace them with fully authentic sash windows.


We made new sash windows using Accoya wood, which is both sustainable and has a 50 year guarantee against rot! And we used a mix of single and double-glazed panes of Pilkington glass.


We also made all of the surrounds for these new sash windows, including the shutters, architraves, windowsill and base panels to help return this beautiful house to its original glory!


If you want to know more about our new sash windows then contact us today!

Bay Sash Window – Ranelagh


These beautiful bay sash windows in Ranelagh needed to be both restored and replaced. The frames were still in excellent condition and only needed some repair work, which we completed.


We then installed new, double-glazed sash windows complete with draft-proofing.


Finally attached the new, polished brass fittings, and then finished with hand-painting the sash windows and the frames.