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New and Restored Sash Windows – Sligo

We repaired some of the existing sash windows in this house in Sligo, and we replaced others that were past the point of being restored with new, bespoke sash windows. However try as we might, some of the residents were determined to photo bomb every one of our photos, but we didn’t mind and we think they’re two of our handsomest clients!

Bay Sash Window – Ballsbridge


The windows in this beautiful, period, red brick house needed a little love! The sash windows themselves needed to be replaced entirely but the the frames could be retained.


We made new sash windows using Accoya wood, Pilkington double-glazed glass and new brass fittings. In addition we made some needed repairs to the window frames, which we had also stripped. Once all this was completed and then windows were installed, we hand-painted the windows and the frames to finish the job!


New Sash Windows and Doors – Lyons Estate

These photos are very old and are digital scans of physical photos – but we are still very proud of this job so thought it was worth sharing!


This is the Lyons Estate which was owned by Tony Ryan at the time and back when we were called WJ Bolger! We installed new sash windows throughout the entire estate. We also installed the doors and fan windows above the doors in the Orangery


New Sash Windows – Dublin 8


Our client had aluminium windows in their home in Dublin 8 and wanted to replace them with fully authentic sash windows.


We made new sash windows using Accoya wood, which is both sustainable and has a 50 year guarantee against rot! And we used a mix of single and double-glazed panes of Pilkington glass.


We also made all of the surrounds for these new sash windows, including the shutters, architraves, windowsill and base panels to help return this beautiful house to its original glory!


If you want to know more about our new sash windows then contact us today!

Bay Sash Window – Ranelagh


These beautiful bay sash windows in Ranelagh needed to be both restored and replaced. The frames were still in excellent condition and only needed some repair work, which we completed.


We then installed new, double-glazed sash windows complete with draft-proofing.


Finally attached the new, polished brass fittings, and then finished with hand-painting the sash windows and the frames.


Cabinteely House

We were hired to give the sash windows in Cabinteely House a little tlc! We fully repaired and draught-proofed the sash windows to improve the insulation and to ensure they last for many more years. So if you ever join one of the tours of Cabinteely House, then you can admire our work!


CBS Westland Row

C.B.S. Westland Row was opened in 1864, and like many buildings of that time, had sash windows. Unfortunately, as can happen with some much older buildings, the windows were past the point of being restored.


We fitted new, bespoke, double-glazed sashes that will keep students warm in the winter months and will be there for many years to come!

Windowframe Restoration with New Sashes – Phibsboro

Our client wanted to improve the insulation of the windows in their house, without having to replace their existing period, sash windows.


We stripped and repaired their sash window frames. Their sashes couldn’t be repaired, so we made new, bespoke sashes with highly-efficient, tempered vacuum glass. Once the frames were repaired and the sashes were installed, we painted them both to our high standard.


Now their home is much warmer and they didn’t have to compromise on the beauty of their sash windows!

New Sash Windows – Ranelagh


Our client wanted to replace the less efficient and less attractive aluminium windows that had been installed years before.


We created new, double-glazed, sash windows for this house in Ranelagh.


We made the new sash windows with Accoya wood, double-glazed Pilkington glass, and new, polished brass fittings.


Sash Windows – Booterstown


For this client in Booterstown, we restored the window frames and installed new sash windows in the frames.


The frames were stripped and repaired. The new sash windows were installed using Pilkington glass, and then we carefully hand-painted both the windows and the frames.